Outplacement is a planned, comprehensive process of employee dismissal, applied in the case of group dismissals as well as individual employee discharging.

It is an extremely difficult and complicated process. However, very often it proves necessary, and while carried out in an adequate way, it may bring in benefits not only for the company but also for the employees.
While applying outplacement, the employees are first of all being prepared to the new situation and at the same time taught how to move on the labour market.
Every program comprises emotional support for the employees, preparing them at the same time to taking key decisions and taking responsibility for their own future.

   Benefits arising from the outplacement process:

  • an assistance in overcoming a difficult situation of a recently dismissed employee;
  • enhancing the company image - employees staying at the company remain trust towards the Employer, and the Customers may be sure that they cooperate with an employee friendly organisation;
  • soothing potential conflicts and increasing the possibilities of achieving agreement with the organisations representing the employees dismissed, for example with the labour unions;
  • minimizing fall of work efficiency during the change and after its implementation.

   Benefits arising from the process carried out:

  • winning/maintaining a reliable employer renown and the required company image among the employees and competitors;
  • financial savings arising from a fast decision concerning dismissal;
  • efficient and peaceful course of the dismissal process;
  • ensuring a feeling of safety of the employees remaining in the company and the newly employed ones;
  • maintaining a good image of the company in the eyes of the employee made redundant.


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