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Angielski Polski
Training process stages:
  • Diagnosis of the training needs in cooperation with a company's management staff:
    - recognition and description of a company's aims and expectations;
    - precise determination of developmental needs of
    potential training's participants;
    - placing the training contents into the employee professional life realities;
  • Designing the contents of a training that will adjust to the Engager's expectations:
    - determination of aims, the subject scope and training program;
    - preparation of training materials for practical self-use by the participants;
    - selection of attractive, inter-active methods and forms of the training;
    - preparing the organization assumptions and estimating the costs.
  • Carrying out of the training:
    - the trainings are corried out by experienced coaches - practitioners;
    - adjusting the level and pace of the training to the participants' needs;
    - providing guidelines for independent problem solving; 
    - pointing out the possibilities of making use of concrete and effective tools;
    - enabling a free exchange of the participants' experience.
  • Assessment of the training efficiency - how to strengthen its positive effect: 
    - selection and adjusting the methods of the necessary information collection and training assessment;
    - preparation of an evaluation report;
    - designing methods of training results implementation;
    - assessment of the training efficiency after some time.

   What are the benefits to the Customers of our trainings?

  • an effective realisation thanks to a close cooperation with the various organization level managers;
  • increasing the Engager's employee efficiency via focusing on its actual, diagnosed development needs;
  • support with the post-training process, increasing efficiency of implementation of the solutions worked out during the training;
  • quality of the services of a reliable business partner - G&G Consulting sp. z o.o.
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